Summer is exciting. Not just down to the sun greeting us again but summer is the time when Dance Kizomba is presenting an opprtunity for everyone to learn Kizomba from A-Z. A series of 4 Sundays from June to September which cover, Kizomba 101, Kizomba with all its cultural glory, sub-genres like Tarraxinha and evolutions like Urban Kiz plus the mother of Kizomba: Semba! If you love Kizomba and want to learn more, more about the culture, Semba, the dance that gave birth to this movement and all the new school evolutions- these course are for you!

Bruno Matos (Portugal/UK), Lauren Rafferty (UK), Tania Mendonça (Angola/Portugal/UK), Mark Moore (UK), Paulo Raimundo (Angola/Portugal/UK), Rico Suave (Guinea Bissau/UK), Lorraine Gomes (UK), Trevor (UK), Francesca (UK), Sagar-DJM (India/UK), more artists TBC

Each Sunday is from 2 till 11 PM with workshops, Angolan & Portuguese Buffet, a chance to sit, chat and learn about Kizomba from those born in the culture and a pure Kizomba party with DJM! £25 per Sunday or £75 for all 4 when you pay together.




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