Around the World- LIVE DJ Session

A part of a 6 hour LIVE session- a mix of music so unshackled, free from the confines of genre and covering new age music from so many parts of the world! This 60 minutes covers, #worldmusic and #chillout, #house, #afrohouse and #afrobeats!

A chance to play with an experienced DJ is one to grab, and to be recorded live doing what DJs do best, is even better. This is a short excerpt from a 6 hour session with #DJM and Edge2Edge ( collaborating to bring music from different parts of the world, together.

This 6 hour session was LIVE at the White Lion Bar & Kitchen, in the town of Beeston, Nottingham covering more genres like #kizomba #zouk #semba #dancehall #reggae #downtempo #NuJazz #AfroJazz #lounge etc.Β 



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