Simply put, the Kizomba Saborosa series are magical mixes of the sweetest tunes made from the times when the Kizomba movement spread, came alive and gave us music that increases our heart beat and sends shivers of pleasure along our spines. Mixed in DJM’s inimitable style, these are just one massive track of 50 minutes or so, that you won’t feel like walking away from. If you’re dancing, you won’t stop… that’s the idea.

Justice has to be done to music that is original, beautiful and created with so much effort yet effortlessly by the artists that this series of mixes covers. There have been 2 volumes of Kizomba Saborosa now, and the second volume is just out whilst the first out, almost a year ago, was instantly featured on radio in Portugal. As DJM says, ‘…the mix will take you back, way back…’, absolutely true. It is everything, Cabo Zouk, Passada, Zouk and Semba- because that is what Kizomba is… a party with all that which came from a difficult history and was the expression of freedom, for all that were part of it.

Music that should never be forgotten and music that makes a party come alive, let’s respect the classics and weave in the new generation of music into it. Range, energy, emotion, creativity and smoothness: that’s what you’ll get with DJM.


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