New Release- Retro Som (Passada)

So, the last weekend beckoned for an old school vibe, something new yet something a bit, big band. That’s exactly what resulted from DJM’s musings with his keyboard and drum machine. A Kizomba, passada style like in the 90s and all instrumental. It’s available for Free Download too! Grab your copy of ‘Retro Som’ from his soundcloud page or simply press the shopping cart button on the track- it’s free!! #Kizomba #Passada


A Kizomba Weekend in paradise, Italy


…that is exactly what KIFE seems to promise. In reality their promise is much simpler, its about Kizomba, its about feeling the connection, giving you amazing artists to learn from, some super DJs, great parties with loads of dancers and a fabulous loation. However, Trieste, Italy is special. K.I.F.E. , therefore, is extra special. When you combine the love for Kizomba with the love of Italy (okay fair enough, for those who know me, I am biased on both  considerations), you think of something that should be like KIFE. This festival has been around for 6 years now, and each year it has gathered some great feedback. Over 40 International artists, 20 DJs and a location by the water in the Sun, in the country that is downright an artistic paradise- KIFE has everything going for it.

Trieste is the ‘City of the Sea’, as called by its own tourism board. Looking at the land and seascapes, it is evident that its beauty goes far deeper. It has a rich history, as you can expect of any Italian city. With castles, coffee, beaches, museums and art that is sure to make your heart thump and soul tingle. It is also the ‘City of Coffee’ with the actual University of Coffee in Trieste. (Why is this important? Once again, if you know me, its a point of bias, I am a hopeless addict in pure love with Italian coffee). In the end, I will say a picture speaks a 1000 words, but many pictures are far better than my own ramblings. I’ll leave you with all the information here… but if you are in the UK, and wish to join me on the shores for this amazing festival, contact me for more information via my contact page or facebook.


Panorama - Tribunale


Immagine 1730


Picture by Fedrico Graziani

Panorama - Ponterosso e rive dal balcone Generali

Picture by Paulo Tosolini

Panorama - Bagno La Lanterna visto dall'Ausonia

Picture by Paulo Tosolini

Panorama - San Dorligo

Picture by Paulo Tosolini

Galleria naturale sulla strada costiera

Picture by Paulo Tosolini

DJM makes Portugal Radio


Kizomba Saborosa, the second edition, just like the first, has been featured on Radio in Portgual and France. Played over 18 stations both on FM and online, on the 6th of August 2017, Sunday, this mixtape in DJM’s inimitable style has been immortalised, just like the tracks and artists it features, by Super Kizomba FM. Many thanks, muito obrigado!

The original tracks are here 🙂

Dance your weekend away at Motion City

This weekend it’s all about Latin, all about Africa. Whatever you love, Salsa, Bachata, Cuban, Kizomba- it’s all covered under one roof in the middle of England. That’s right, Birmingham: at the Hilton Metropole. A crazy dance weekend that has some of the best dancers & artists teaching workshops, brilliant DJs, shows, Live performances and parties. 3 days of fun for those with a Latin groove on their hips. If you’re in love with your Latin muse, don’t miss this one!! Find out all about it here: or the facebook event here:


Kizomba Saborosa

Simply put, the Kizomba Saborosa series are magical mixes of the sweetest tunes made from the times when the Kizomba movement spread, came alive and gave us music that increases our heart beat and sends shivers of pleasure along our spines. Mixed in DJM’s inimitable style, these are just one massive track of 50 minutes or so, that you won’t feel like walking away from. If you’re dancing, you won’t stop… that’s the idea.

Justice has to be done to music that is original, beautiful and created with so much effort yet effortlessly by the artists that this series of mixes covers. There have been 2 volumes of Kizomba Saborosa now, and the second volume is just out whilst the first out, almost a year ago, was instantly featured on radio in Portugal. As DJM says, ‘…the mix will take you back, way back…’, absolutely true. It is everything, Cabo Zouk, Passada, Zouk and Semba- because that is what Kizomba is… a party with all that which came from a difficult history and was the expression of freedom, for all that were part of it.

Music that should never be forgotten and music that makes a party come alive, let’s respect the classics and weave in the new generation of music into it. Range, energy, emotion, creativity and smoothness: that’s what you’ll get with DJM.

Around the World- LIVE DJ Session

A part of a 6 hour LIVE session- a mix of music so unshackled, free from the confines of genre and covering new age music from so many parts of the world! This 60 minutes covers, #worldmusic and #chillout, #house, #afrohouse and #afrobeats!

A chance to play with an experienced DJ is one to grab, and to be recorded live doing what DJs do best, is even better. This is a short excerpt from a 6 hour session with #DJM and Edge2Edge ( collaborating to bring music from different parts of the world, together.

This 6 hour session was LIVE at the White Lion Bar & Kitchen, in the town of Beeston, Nottingham covering more genres like #kizomba #zouk #semba #dancehall #reggae #downtempo #NuJazz #AfroJazz #lounge etc.